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Interior painting.

In whatever environment you find yourself, the quality of the painting and finishes enhances or degrades the comfort of your surroundings. Jarrett Cox Painting can begin with new construction or an existing home and deliver equally professional results.  We specialize in fine-finish cabinetry, doors and trim, offering painting, staining and fine-lacquer application. We also have the expertise to repair damage to walls, ceilings, doors and trim caused by water, smoke and mildew.  Our techniques can metamorphose aging or dated cabinets and interior woods, transforming kitchens and bathrooms, using traditional and novel “faux” finishes and wall textures.

Exterior painting.

Paint and other finishes applied to the outside of a home often are viewed as purely decorative or visual improvements. But they are also the first defense against the elements and must maintain performance over years.  Based on age, condition and style of home, we determine a plan. Detailed and painstaking preparations mark the beginnings of excellence. We start by pressure washing and removing surface dirt and mildew. It is important to start with a clean surface.  Then we caulk and spackle all cracks, holes and gaps. This is to ensure nothing will leak or crawl inside. And to prevent failure in the future.  Next we scrape all loose paint and sand down any imperfections.  We  spot prime any raw wood or exposed areas. Key steps to get that professional look that is desired.  Only then do we apply the paint, whose color, quality and other characteristics are based on the best visual appearance, the orientation of the home relative to the sun and other environmental factors.

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